what, this little thing?!
Don't ask how long this took…
Choose-day part 2. This is My Quilt Top. I started it about 8 or 9 years ago and it’s completely stitched by hand. All of it. It took ages, a real labour of love. Now it needs quilting. I thoug I’d start CHoose-days with a bang. I choose to actually get this thing sandwiched up. I have the wadding. I have the (lovely) backing fabric. I will MAKE the time. I will wring it out of my days with my bare hands if I have to. I choose my quilt top.

Oh my. What have I done?

10 responses to “Chosen!”

  1. Love the treadmill comment ~ so true! And on a good day, it is So Good 🙂

    Am very impressed with your beautiful quilt top – you’ve done the hardwork, it definitely deserves the backing and quilting bit (and now that you’ve ‘chosen’ it publicly, there’s no excuse!) 😉


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