what, this little thing?!
Don't ask how long this took…
Choose-day part 2. This is My Quilt Top. I started it about 8 or 9 years ago and it’s completely stitched by hand. All of it. It took ages, a real labour of love. Now it needs quilting. I thoug I’d start CHoose-days with a bang. I choose to actually get this thing sandwiched up. I have the wadding. I have the (lovely) backing fabric. I will MAKE the time. I will wring it out of my days with my bare hands if I have to. I choose my quilt top.

Oh my. What have I done?


10 responses to “Chosen!”

  1. More than happy to help!


  2. Love the treadmill comment ~ so true! And on a good day, it is So Good 🙂

    Am very impressed with your beautiful quilt top – you’ve done the hardwork, it definitely deserves the backing and quilting bit (and now that you’ve ‘chosen’ it publicly, there’s no excuse!) 😉


  3. butterflyexperience Avatar

    Beautiful! X


  4. Totally gorgeous! It makes me want to try a quilt (which is a totally mad notion if you knew how bad my stitching is!).


    1. Do it!!!!! Quilts are about so much more than stitch quality!!!!


  5. Wow, that is beautiful, good luck with quilting it!


  6. […] local quilting group Sandwich my handmade quilt top so I can quilt it by hand at some point Set up my super sewing machine with all the software I have […]


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