Wireless wonderland

Note: i wrote this during the week but never uploaded it…i have only just found it, but what the heck.

I was going to bemoan the fact that I’m back on the train to the office again but then I thought, no Stitch, Choose Life, remember? So instead today’s post is about my recent wanderings in tetchy-land and the places I have loved on the way tra la la.

So, since getting this new-fangled Ipad2 thingy what have I been up to? Well…

WordPress – defiantly easier to write posts than on my phone EXCEPT for photos. I snap away on my phone and it’s so easy to upload directly. I think I’ll be uploading using the phone and they’d ragging back down into my posts iyswim.

Zinio – home of digital magazines and I love it! So far I’ve got Nylon (yes, I am an American teen rather than a Brit frazzled mother), Martha Stewart Living (ah, that’s better, easing back into my demographic), Marie Claire Idees (oh, I love this mag and it’s about half price digital. Such good Idees and a way to practice my rubbish French) and a couple of freebies I’ve not got to yet. I’m probably going to stop my print subscription to Mollie Makes and swap. I tried to access Handmade Living but they don’t support iPads – blurgh. Anyway, in a bid to keep the clutter at bay I’m loving digital magazines, which surprises me but is very handy.

A word re costs, once I’d subscribed to Nylon, Zinio sent me a $25 voucher which was lovely and so Martha became mine. And I only bought one issue of MCI so I’m not a complete spendthrift. No, I’m not.

Work – not very exciting to most of you but life changing for me. I can now get my work email, diary and intranet on the iPad – brilliant. No more lugging heavy bags when I travel between offices. No more struggling with the tippy tippy blackberry keys. Parkinson’s makes those little keys a pain, quite literally, as my fingers seize up these days. Yes, the work app is the bomb.

Ravelry and other knitting sites – more pertinently the patterns. I can store them on ibooks and refer to them when I’m on the train for example without dragging bits of paper around with me. Brilliant.

Blurb – loving the ebook facility. I have The Recipe Book on both iPhone and iPad now. I’m also looking at making some more books so watch this space.

Twitter – yes, I know it’s pointless but hey it’s fun. I just natter a bit and then go. Rather like RL then.

Well, my commute is nearly done. I’d better go and put my work persona on. Wish me luck. I’m going in.

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  1. Christine says:

    Off you go….. be brave!


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