If the skirt fits….

January is traditionally the month of diets. Well, if yours has failed miserably here’s a way of making your too-tight skirt fit again. Firat measure your waist, or just below it depending on where you want the skirt to sit.

Then sit down as you ponder how the tape measure could be so wrong. Once you have recovered lay your skirt out and find the point where the width of the skirt equals half your faint-making figure. This is where you chop, see the picture above.

Be brave and chop it! When you get to the zip you have a choice. Either remove and replace it (too hard for me) or cut around it and turn it under, like this.

Then you have to bind the waist. I used spotty bias binding I got from the lovely haberdashery I visited on a choose-day. Look.

Et voila! A skirt what fits like a dream!

My only problem is that it’s a bit pink. I’m probably going to dye it next…what d’you reckon?


3 responses to “If the skirt fits….”

  1. Fabulous…. over dye – Procian or Dylon in a litter tray or plastic bag – What are this years fashion colours?



  2. […] I got round to dying the skirt I refashioNed a while back. Remember? Very pink no? Well, no longer. […]


  3. […] skirt with a lace panel thingy around it. Unfortunately it was way too small for me, so you know my normal solution to these […]


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