Road trip Devon stylee

A long day…we are driving back home after a day that took us from Brixham to Dartmouth to Salcombe via some seriously twisty road, CBeebies’ Mr Tumble’s house, beautiful scenery, sandy picnics and extortionate kids’ menu harumphs. I went for landscapes to snap as you can see. Balm to the soul.








3 responses to “Road trip Devon stylee”

  1. Wow! I need these at my art class tomorrow! We’re doing light and shade.


  2. how restful it looks, I would like to have a room with a view of the sea, with a sewing machine & fabric…..threads & yarn…. a piano (grade 4!.. just! ) for sing a longs … at my speed! steps to the beach for walks with the dog & my good friends close by. It that too much to wish for? Oh yes & the family to visit sometimes x


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