FOQ (oh, who cares, it’s been a long day)

Oh God, I hope my bank manager isn’t reading this. Me and my flexible friend had some fun today at the Festival of Quilts. Well, it’s once a year and I don’t spend cash on clothes do I? Another reason for frequenting charity shops I say. Anyway, back to the booty. What did I get?

A collection of books. Mainly from the slightly mad ladies at Quiltmania. A copy of their Simply Vintage über mag and a long lusted over copy of Yoko Saito’s Houses Houses Houses. This book is the bomb. I will do a full post on it soon because it is just fabulous. The final book is Stitch with Love by Mandy Shaw. And she signed it for me!

Why else?

Can you spot a colour theme here? I hadn’t realised until I took these picturs. They blue me away, groan. Anyway we have….

Some hand printed peacocks from Hungary
Some decoupatch stuff – glue, big heart box, paper and brush £10, bargain!
Some felting stuff from the wonderful Oliver Twist – roving, thread, needles, mat and felt

Hmmmm. Quite a lot. Oh dear. Well, it coud have been so much more. I had a blast. I’ll post some more tomorrow about some of the exhibits and cool stands. But now, I’m wacked so it’s a glass of wine and some sleep for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trek thru the Festival as much as I have. Take care xx


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