Mega mix

A busy busy day, a grand mix of the main strands of my personality – art, fabric, Parkinson’s and family.

I went to three new places today. First off, fabric heaven, tucked away in Stitchopolis, I can’t believe I only just got to go now. The place is full of every kind of fabric and goes on and on. Oh, heaven.

Then on to a birthday party with Elder at a Paint your own Pottery place I have always wanted to go to but again had no time. I had a go too, I had a blast. This is a cake stand base. I’m going to use a plain white plate with it. It has to be fired but I’m hopeful it will be ok.

Then the big one…a PD support group for Young Onset bods. My first ever meet with fellow PD people. I was made very welcome and had a really good chat ranging from the weather (well, I am English) to coping with diagnosis. A positive move. Thank goodness.


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