Brownian motion


Brownian motion or pedesis (from Greek: πήδησις /pɛɖeːsɪs/ “leaping”) is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid (a liquid or a gas) resulting from their collision with the quick atoms or molecules in the gas or liquid. The term “Brownian motion” can also refer to the mathematical model used to describe such random movements, which is often called a particle theory. Thanks Wikipedia.

I feel like one of those particles. Buffeted and awry. My patience with all the impacts of PD on my life is wearing thin. Enough already. I’m going to have to get tough with this illness now. It seems happy to reciprocate.


One response to “Brownian motion”

  1. Today marks the end of my first month on the Recipe to Recovery protocol for mtraesing Parkinsons and restoring mindful balance in my life. I have done the exercises, the breathing the meditations, the aphorisms, the journaling, even did the Chanting and vibrational forms yelling them out in my car, on my bike, standing etc. I also do a nutritional program to potentize them. Have there been any changes?Well, Maybe!If you think that being a little clearer in my thinking, sleeping better, speaking better, working harder and longer as well as being happy for the first time in years is progress, then YES!! there have been changes.Am I cured? no! I still need my Rx meds, but I’ve decreased them by 15%, I feel less burdened by Symptoms , my Off times are less frequent and less intense. My On times are deeper and sweeter. Other people have noticed that I am definitely a better person, kinder, more conscious and My Gratitude is overflowing. Thank you thank you thank you Mr S. for your innovative thinking, your determination and your generosity,my world and The World is a better place because of you!!!!


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