You know I like change. Well, I’ve got quite a lot to share…change is somewhat of an understatement for what’s been going on chez Stitch. Ready?

Well, I’ve this far done my creative work as a hobby really, taking second place to everything else. I had a pressured job in a technical financial area and I studied Physics at college, choosing science over art when I was 18.

But no more.

I have recognised that my Parkinson’s has effectively given me a shelf life. And that’s a good thing. Because it gives me no excuses. I can’t say ‘when I retire’ or ‘when the boys are bigger’. Dreams are either now or not to be. Obviously the family’s needs come first but they need a happy healthy mother/wife and I have got to the stage where I accept I can’t keep it all going and be happy.

So what’s the change? I’ve stopped work! I’ve rented some studio space! I’ve ‘come out’ as a fledgling artist! I’ve put family, home and heart first and sod the reason, logic and economics. This hasn’t been easy. It’s been blardy hard and I’m sure it won’t be plain sailing ahead but it’s as if a weight has been lifted off me.

The financial aspect is of course going to be ahem, interesting but I’m selling digital portraits already and I’m planning some technical writing too. And Stasherella of course. So my pension and PIP will go on household bills and I will earn spending money. Hopefully. This blog may well become a little more ‘make do and mend’!

There’s so much I want to write but there’s no time now. I’ll post soon and tell the next bit. A bientôt!!



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