By degrees

Update: I have submitted my application for the MA. So I hope it works.

Now, regular readers of this lovely blog will know that I am particularly good at starting projects. I am less good at finishing them. Well, here’s my latest, and this time, I will definitely see it from start to finish. I have to, because, this is not a normal common or Garden project. No, this is about me consolidating (this year’s word) everything that I have been doing for the last few years in the creative arts.

I suppose I started by dabbling. I certainly didn’t see it as a career path. But, as Parkinson’s advanced and My work persona declined, I find myself increasingly drawn to Drawing! And painting.

So I want to become a proper artist…I have had some success on etsy and other forums selling portraits and similar. But, I am completely untrained since I did my art A-level a long long time ago. So I need to learn and develop. But why look inwards? Why not look outwards? This blog and other forms have given me so much, have introduced me to so many interesting and dynamic people. Why not expand the concept and use my network to reach potential patrons?

And this is why I am looking at crowdfunding, patronage, and building a community. I’m calling it “by degrees”. You can read about it here on my new blog Pollie Math.

This isn’t about charity, it’s about supporting art and getting works that you like in return. We can all pretend to be back in the 18th century!I am still in fact-finding mode at the moment and need to of course get my place at university two. No pressure on me. However, you will hear from you soon about my plans and I will formally launched the crowdfunding project shortly after. If in the meantime you have any thoughts or indeed experience in these matters please get in touch. You know I like a natter.


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