I mentioned a little while ago that things have not been the most cheerful around here. Well, here a post that is full of happy. As you know, I am away from Stitch Towers visiting my sister. Anyway, in a rare moment of clarity, I booked into a hotel because then I could leave the party when my Parkinsons told me to rather than worry about putting a downer on the evening by hanging around, shaking. So far, so boringly sobering (literally). But then some rays of sunshine shot through:

Happy 1: FABULOUS hotel room…look! My country mouse shoes liked it too.

HAPPY 2: I have finally seen my sister after months and months. It’s been too long. and my lovely goddaughter/niece   And her sister. It’s good to know that I can make playlists with such young cool girls! The photo at the top of my blog post today is my sister’s dog, she is lovely too.

HAPPY 3: and this is the reason for my post’s title… Last night I left the party while it was just getting its second wind and folk were revving up for a fine evening in the garden, sipping fizz and munching on BBQ. It was quite frankly rubbish to have to go but have to go I did. It had been a long day and I had about four hours sleep the night before. So I was sensible and shuffled off.

 I shuffled off to my lovely hotel. Where upon the tiredness hit me like a wall. And, I had to ask for help to get into my room and then I asked whether they did snacks in the room. When they very nicely explained they didn’t I went to say that’s okay and got a little upset. Now, there are people who always get upset when they’re tired and that’s definitely me. I weep when weary, tears when tired. 

The lady helping me was frankly magnificent. She said she would see what she could do and came back with the most fantastic burger and chips I have ever eaten in my life. It was manna from heaven. I sat on my posh sofa, and feasted. Then I slept the sleep of the dead and have just woken up feeling human again.

The lady had seen that there was no way I was going to make it down to the dining room and chose to show me kindness rather than stick to the rules. I have an incredibly hard time accepting help when I struggle. But I am so grateful to her. It is a strange position to be in, feeling grateful for help in doing what most consider to be basic things. It is not, to be honest, a comfortable position. I have a feeling I will however, become used to it over time. That is my challenge.

 However, today, I focus on the kindness. What a nice way to start the day, with a tangible reminder that there are good people out there. And I found one.


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