Clarity is rare. Most of the time we are distracted by day to day responsibilities, the school run, the commute, the tube strike, the grocery bill…and then every now and then you get a chink of time, a window, that lets you see with precision, see everything. I was lucky this weekend, I got a chink. I sat in the cold dawn, by a campfire, feeling its heat and realised two things. 

1: I am lucky, I have so much to be thankful for, my family, my friends, my new life after PD – what the hell am I yowling about when I have so much? 

2: I am not going to let PD beat me. It will not grind me down. It has been hard recently and I’ve let myself get a little self indulgently sorry for myself. But, essentially, whatever happens physically it can’t ever get ME. And in the meantime, I will try to hold the physical declaine at bay as much as I can. Expect a post on this shortly. 

 The fall on Thursday (knee)capped it all and I had a miserable day or so, hobbling around. Then my little bit of clarity came along. Thank goodness. 
So, back to my original, positive, outlook on life guys. I’m reinvigoured. There’s a lot to be said for sharing a tent with a 5yo who sleeps like a starfish…when you can’t sleep you can go out and get some clarity instead. Who need sleep?!?!?

an update on the knee….it’s not broken, hurrah! Bruised but unbroken. A bit like me?


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