Nowt so queer as Folk

Mr Wainwright

so, i’m a bit of an indie chick. One day I will list my loves properly but I’ve already written about Echo and the Bunnymen. I went to a new kind of gig (for me) a couple of days ago. Other Half got tickets to see one of his personal favourites, loud0n wainwright. He was amazing. Fantastic. Just him and a guitar for most of the gig. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. Wicked Bob Dylan impersonation too. I didn’t know any of the songs but it didn’t matter one bit. Life has been ‘challenging’ recently so it was fab to just chill. His daughter Lucy was great too – very pure voice.

Yesterday was Elders first ever sports day. Cue massive excitement. I got there to find him regaling the other parents with the (obviously very important) minutiae of each game they were about to play. One of the mums asked me ‘does he always talk much? Does he ever stop?!’ ‘no, never. ‘t
Welcome to my world!


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