I sometimes wonder whether I spend my time wisely Or whether I squander it on fripperies Of action. What is of best value Trekking the contours of a newfound adventure Unlike your feet bleed but your heart is full Or Listening to the still body echo The tiny repeating call of my bones And listeningContinue reading “Parsimony”


<edited to remove the rubbish that dictating results in…stoopid iPhone> It’s a funny thing, when you have an illness like Parkinson’s, you forget that other things can happen to you too. You think u r  armoured against other illnesses and injuries. Sadly, you are wrong.  The irony is, until a couple of days ago, IContinue reading “Fall”


Imagine that everything  had a layer of cling  film. Held taut as a drum  against you. So everything had At least  one extra step One more hurdle for you to fly through. Did I say everything ? I meant everything. From When Eyes open up,  till they close. When I’m Brushing my teeth  When I’m tyingContinue reading “Extra”


#shakeitoffuk….my first film….be gentle….have a look at the site too…   

Cast off

So, I have got to the point where I’ve changed the tagline on this blog. It used to be craft orientated but let’s be honest guys, that is falling by the wayside isn’t it? And I’ve gone into art, life, Parkinson’s,… Everything really. So, the tagline has changed to reflect it. I expected to feelContinue reading “Cast off”