It’s arrived!!!

My Christmas present has finally arrived! Early 20th century DMC couture thread drawers – gorgeous! I’ve polished them up (one of the few times I’ll do cleaning willingly) and started filling them. I’m in love.

Look at my drawers!


Look at my threads!!

 Expect an angst written post re my sewing corner soon , however. The Walls are closing in on me….


2 responses to “It’s arrived!!!”

  1. Nice drawrs, but more importantly, what a collection of wooden cotton reels and buttons! I wish I had as many as you. They look so beautiful in the glass vase and jar! I’m glad I clicked on your blog.


    1. Awwwwwww….those buttons represent my mum’s entire sewing career. The reels on the other hand were bought for a ‘sew a needle pulling thread’ costume for a Sound of Music party!!


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