There’s a hole…

Inspired by Cheria’s blog and My Mumsnet companions, here’s my bucket list dear Liza, dear Liza….

Spare us the Cutter!!!!!!!!!!
My heroes

Go to Iceland – I’ve been in love with the place since Echo and the Bunnymen went there in their ‘Porcupine’ days
Go to Japan – eat sushi and drink tea and visit hello kitty world, plus Japanese quilts are the best IMHO
Make a Dear Jane quilt – red and White probably. This by itself would probably finish me off.
Learn to scuba dive – anywhere
Go on a stitchy Retreat – a few days to stitch, chat and sleeeeeep. Bliss.
Get Fit – to give myself the best chance
See the boys both settled and happy whatever works for them
Have a proper Sewing room – Virginia Woolf was right
Go on a quilt tour of new England – Amish, quilts, lobster, quilts….
Reread Vanity Fair and Frost in May – the best books ever written
See Preston Guild – next year
Learn to spin and weave – just call me Rumplstiltzkin (out of earshot)
Have breakfast in bed – what can I say, I’m a simple soul
Go to Lourdes – not for a cure, The Song of Bernadette was a massive childhood favourite
Finish all my UFO’s – some things are impossible though, I know.



One response to “There’s a hole…”

  1. I’ll join you on that stitchy retreat!


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