Slow, slow, shake, shake, slow

Quick is good, no? We are all so used to striving for speed, efficiency and ASAP in everything. Even in my sheltered world of stitch. Most craft books emphasise the quickness, the ease of their projects. And yet.

To be honest, although quick makes are lovely as an option (and I’ve written about some on here) my heart lies with the slow burning, madness inducing, detail ridden projects. They always seem to be things I give away which is strange. Probably a deep rooted psychological reason for this but I don’t really care. I just do it.

Witness my little house. Brilliant fun to make. Took ages. I was sad when it was over.

A bit like the slow food movement when it comes to making stuff I’m Slow Stitch all the way. Sadly, I’m slowing down physically too due to Uncle Parkinson but at least I’m learning to accept it in one part of my life. My challenge is how to take some of that calmness and apply it elsewhere in my life.

Slow is my friend. If I keep on saying it, it might come true.



3 responses to “Slow, slow, shake, shake, slow”

  1. […] giving away! If it were mine I couldn’t bear to part with it. She talks in this post and her next post about the beauty of ‘slow’. Stitch This is somewhat forced into the slow movement by, […]


  2. Here’s a weird thing. Yesterday I was lazily wandering around wordpress and came across Dilly Tante. She referenced you, your blog, slow stitch and Uncle Parkinson. A giant among women, I thought. I must look her up. Then I fell asleep or made tea or something and it went out of my mind. And then today, I’m hoofing aimlessly around WP again and I land on the very page she was talking about. A weird feeling of deja vu overcame me. But then I realised that a coincidence had occured. Maybe this is not that exciting for you. Maybe I should get out more! But anyway, it amused me. Nice blogging. Thank you!


    1. Ah it’s fate. Or WPs algorithms. Lovely to meet you. That Dilly is definitely a good ‘un. Hope you hoof over these parts again.


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