Mind your Manors

OK, so I couldn’t help the title of this post. We went to a very good friend’s house today for a lovely day of picnics, screaming children, cups of tea, splashing in rivers and general mayhem. The difference being that this beautiful house is over 30 miles away from us and the aforementioned friend has just left Stitchopolis for its undoubted charms. It is in fact a manor house and it’s been her parents’ place ever since she was born. She is obviously in love with it and I’m so happy for her. But I will miss her being round the corner.

Today was brilliant. Close friends all together. I forget sometimes how valuable a true friend is, though how I forget I have no clue since my bunch of mates are always being leaned on by shaky me. We got back from Brixham late last night so this morning was frantic baking hampered slightly by having only 4oz of butter in the house. I made tomato little pies with that and then muffins and jelly. Muffins were very off the cuff but damn, they were good. The strawberry muffin recipe from the good old Be-ro book but with over ripe bananas substituted for jam and oil for butter. Big thanks to Mumsnet for help re using oil rather than butter. The real 4th emergency service.

And then off to Amazing Manor, my friend’s new pile. I kid you not, it’s a real Manor house. With a Massive Door, and Wonky Stone Floor and no doubt, aristocratic spiders. It’s absolutely beautiful but the best thing isn’t the bricks and wattle and daub. No, it’s the family history woven into it. Photos, paintings, stuff. Love it. As did both Elder and Little One.

And back home for sleepy, shrieky baths and bed. And a quick THANKYOU card knocked up using fabric, quilt wadding and a card blank.

I so should have been an architect.


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