Pick and mix

A mixed bag today. I thought I’d show you a few things from the week so far. My main news however, is that my Parkinson’s appears to be on holiday too. My symptoms are so much better it’s frankly amazing. We went to Torquay and played crazy golf. I won! And got a hole in one!! We’ve been out on the boat and I’ve been clambering all over it, lowering fenders, chucking ropes etc. amazing. And (the best one) I played a vigorous game of football with the boys yesterday. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Amazing what rest and relaxation can do to a girl. How to perpetuate that? My challenge for the future I feel.

Anyway, some pictures….an adventurous snail and a night shot from the Yacht Club. Little One at the brilliant Living Coast. A d an arty shot of a beautiful local gate I found on my wanders. Sigh. Holidays can be lovely can’t they?






One response to “Pick and mix”

  1. Glad to hear you are “both” having a great holiday 🙂 Lovely to hear.


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