Day 2: napowrimo : ‘c’

Here’s one about how life can throw different curveballs and so you need different strategies to tach the blighters. Life is full of challenges right now so this one is heartfelt. In a good way.

There are different types of light :
Different colours,
Steps of energy.
But they all travel fast,
all the same.

While there are different shades to see
They are all lighting me.
Spotlight, daylight, overhead and strip
All dispel the shadows and let me be.

Different lights suit different shadows,
Dark thoughts really need to go.
Finding a way Is an art form
One that aches But makes me grow

Sunlight is the best disinfectant
That’s a well worn quote I use
It is true though
Light goes clean through
Dark and dank and sad and low.

So whatever type of light
I come across in my life,
I must hold it close but with care.
Use it wisely,
Make sure I share.
Blast the blues out.
Turn the glare on.

Rid my life of those dark corners:
Then I’ll be in sunlight always.

Let’s hope there’s no power cut.


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