4 into 14 does go you know

It’s almost the end of April and I have been looking backwards while planning for the next chapter in my descent into Parkinsons. Does that sound depressing? Actually, it’s all quite liberating. My contemporaries are wrestling with work dilemmas and aged parental health problems while I am trying to decide what kind of artwork I am going to pursue and what my work area should look like. Don’t get me wrong, I am very empathetic to my friends’ challenges, after all I’ve experienced them too, in spades. But I feel light and untethered and I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

So, part of this reverie is taking stock of my 14 in 14 goals….have a look, I’m in danger of finishing something!!!!

1) crochet handwarmers – I’m halfway through these – still am but I can live with this as a delayed project
2) keyrings for my etsy shop – the idea is there, the prototype is setting now – the prototype died but I’ve made some more and am waiting for them to be delivered…eek!
3) journal52 art folder – I am hanging in there but have fallen behind. A priority is to catch up.
4) upcycling a vintage quilt top I have into a proper, finished quilt – in progress
5) upcycling an old chair for my craft room/office –in progress but it will be for me STUDIO! Did I mention my STUDIO?!
6) do an oil painting I can hang in my house – I’m working towards this…
7) draw/write a comic
8) knit a shrug from a Rowan pattern I have just bought
9) make a gingerbread house
10) learn life drawing part of my studio antics
11) Learn how to spin yarn –DONE!!
12) weave my own fabric trying to find my rigid heddle loom as we speak! next on my list
13) print my own fabric DONE!!! I am working on a prototype scatter cushion which I will post on soon, promise
14) learn Lino printing I’ve started it….ahem, I’m not very good tho

Untethered : not even by my own yarn!


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