Time management t’internet style

To Twitter. No, we are not conjugating the verb – I have dipped my toe in at last and thanks to the @mnblogger group it’s so far been an ace experience. But I can see already its an addictive vice and I’m already a risk due to Ropinerole (remind me to tell you about how PD meds can mess with your head, you’ll curl your toes) so my mind has wandered to time management. I’m also chatting to a nice lady about ‘accepting’ this diagnosis and she wants me to recognise how much is on my metaphorical plate so I spot a bit of synergy here….

So, I need to email, tweet, blog, work, mother, stitch, knit, read, chat, housekeep, yoga and finally veg out. Oh, and sleep and eat and other bodily things, ahem.

How? When? Fug knows, quite frankly. Shall I go out and get a bigger plate? I could blog about it! And tweet everyone that I have I got it. Madness.

I started this post hoping for a conclusion. Haven’t got one though, have I? Let’s take half term to think about it and I’ll get back to you. #Honestly. #yeahright.



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