So, today started quite grumpy tbh. No sleep and post holiday mardiness tbh. BUT I recused the day by having a play with stamping. I have been reading Martha Stewart Living on the train to and from work and thought lets have a go! So, I’ve played with some scraps and they’re drying now. I think I’ll have a go at embroidering the basic shapes and then appliqué in some shape or form. Who knows? And that’s the point. Craft, the ultimate happy pill IMHO. Hurrah!!!


2 responses to “Stomp!”

  1. … and there was me, thinking “mardy” was a regionalism. You don’t have an East Midlands connection, by any chance… ?

    But yes, craft. Art. Creativity. Works every time. Pretty much.


    1. My in laws taught me that one – brummies!


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