Now you see me….

Hey, I’m still here guys, just keeping my head low and focusing on my June goals. For once in my life I’m sticking to my goals and might, might just achieve some of them. Yes, unbelievable but true. The parkinsons seemed to rob me of energy, motivation, call it what you will. Just general ‘oomph’ but I’m trying to keep my balance right and do you know, it’s working! I’m not climbing Ben Nevis quite yet but I’m getting to the end of a day in one piece, which quite frankly, is progress.

so, the story so far….

health : I’ve rejoined weight watchers, upped my sleep, reduced my chocolate and started to get in to troll of my medical regime. More later on that one as I have my consultants appt tomorrow.

wealth : I’m wading thru paperwork and claiming what I’m due. I’ve analysed my expenditure and am working on a budget. I do spend a lot on haberdashery, who knew?(!)

hearth : decluttering continues. I’ve done four rooms now. Phew.

heart : in progress but trying to devote more time to family.

Hope : all about ambitions…I’ve entered the Mslexia completions for poetry and have my fingers crossed. I’ve won a design competition too so I’m pleased with this area in particular.

helping : all about giving something back, my main contribution is the charity shop donations I’ve made following declutter sessions. This will become a veritable flood as I carry on!


so, not bad thus far. I feel much happier and energetic. Onwards and upwards eh?


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