My life is like a tardis
The Inside bigger than the out
Small movements you see
Are massive to me
My thoughts fill the space that I can’t

Time is at a different pace
My speedometer is set rather low
But someone refrained
From telling my brain
So everything Comes out too slow

Ideas thoughts and wit
Never seem to be lit
By the light of the day
Any more
The momentum you need
to get up to speed
is too much To dig out
Of my hole.

The funny thing is
I didn’t realise the truth
of the matter – not untill now
Realisation is good
Albeit misunderstood
Perhaps I should open up wider

But sometimes its hard
It all seems so far
Away from my life
today and right now
But, it’s not
And I know
I am fated to go
Where the tardis will spin me tomorrow



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