Give way

When you give way
do you give up?
Is this journey always to be pitched
At an angle so steep
That my blood hammers hard
And I drop and I swoop
Ever down

There are lights on the way
Chinks of bright
Glowing white
But they fade as you try to hold on

They are real
But they run
Run away just too far
And the slope offers greater attraction

I have tried to stay here
On the plains
with you all
Just like you
Not apart
Not alone

But I know now my way has to give
Has to shift
Drop in gear
Slow right down
Ever down

So I ask
Is this it
Do I give up and quit
Roll up tight and roll down this rank ramp

I don’t know
I can’t think
Can’t be up
Can’t be free
Can’t give up
Can’t slow down
Can’t stop now

I will crash
And I have.
Crashed and burned
More than once
And it hurts.

So if I give way now
What Do I give away?
Pain, insomnia and stress
All of which I want less
So perhaps this is a blessing
A gift

No I don’t really agree
But I’ll just have to see
Because I can’t outride


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